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Praca w powiększeniu zapewnia precyzję oraz umożliwia postawienie trafnej diagnozy.

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„The friendly atmosphere and state of the art interior makes you relax. I have had a dental phobia most of my life, but it’s gone after just one visit here!”

Ashlie Wilson

Ashlie Wilson

23 years

„The work you carried out on my teeth was excellent. I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone.”

Ketrin Jenkins

Ketrin Jenkins

28 years

“I just wanted to write to thank each and every member of ProDental Clinic I came into contact with for making my visit so smooth and comfortable today .”

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

31 years

“After visiting a number of dentists over the years, I have finally found one who I trust, without a doubt the most caring and professional staff is working at ProDent. ”

Vanessa Gilmore

Vanessa Gilmore

22 years

Only Highly Qualified Dentists

Our team has expert professionals who are immensely experienced for several years.

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Beata Andrzejczyk

technik dentystyczny

Maciej Andrzejczyk

lekarz medycyny, lekarz dentysta

Joanna Masiak

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Magdalena Matel

lekarz dentysta
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Our goal is to make sure with advances in technology

Professional dental clinic 32roDent offers the whole range of dentistry services: treatment of caries, gum diseases, tooth whitening, implantation, dentures (crowns installation), surgery, occlusion correction (braces) etc.

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Our Clients Rated Our Services
Cavity Protection 98%
Gum Disease 99%
Cosmetic Dentistry 100%
Orthodontics 98%
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